I usually play a couple of Open Mic’s around London every week. Check out to find out when I’m performing next.

Upcoming Gigs

Past Notable Gigs

06/01/2018 The Islington Pub, Angel, London
26/10/2017 The Islington Pub, Angel, London
07/07/2017 Gunners Pub, London
02/08/2016 Belushi’s in Hammersmith
06/09/2015 Sound Advice Street Party

09/08/2015 Cow Fest

04/07/2015 The Islington, Angel, London.

29/06/2015 Galway Pub, Paris, France.

Singing by the Seine

02/05/2015 – 08/05/2015 Various Open Mics around Berlin and Leipzig, Germany.

Trip to Berlin

08/09/2014 Producers Showcase, 12 Bar Club

22/04/2014 Be On The Scene, Zebrano’s in Soho

26/10/2013 OxJam at the Sun, Clapham, London.

16/09/2013 Dead or Alive at Rattlesnake in Angel, London.