Media Coverage review of It Won’t Kill You

“CORNELIS GERARD’s ‘It Won’t Kill You’ makes us want to watch CG live, on a stage, playing, and making us dance. Bet it’s so fun. We note that because this single is THAT fun. If you don’t, we think you don’t have any pulse – like, you’re dead, DOA, out-of-luck. The self described ‘punk-poet’ and ‘insensitive’ singer/songwriter, London based Dutch-Irish artist is a fresh breeze in the scene. The story telling is front and center. But the final product, packaged in brilliance, is something to behold.” review of Look Back And Laugh

“As a fellow London resident, I connected with ‘Look back and laugh’ straight away and felt I could really associate with the lyrics. Cornelis talks about his experiences when he first headed for the bright lights of London Town. I think a lot of people will connect with his honest style of writing he is very relatable as an artist. The Great thing about this track is by the second time the chorus comes around you know it and you can’t help but sing along, smile and dance. As a musician this is all you can ask for really that your music makes people happy, dance and relate.

The melody to the song is very happy and positive but yet some on the lyrics are quite serious, this style of songwriting reminds me of the Smiths in the 70’s it’s very clever. One of my favourite lyrics from the song is “cause scars remind us who we are” even know its a small line in the track it gives a sense of empowerment to the song and the listener, it sends out a positive message within the song and makes the song personal to each individual listener and their personal challenges and scars.”

South Waves Audio – Interview

“How did you start in music?

As a child I had a strange fascination with out of the ordinary instruments; the bagpipes, a melodica at my grandmother’s house and I tried my hand at the recorder in school. I was also listening to all kinds of music from my dads music collection. From classical composers like Dvorzak to pop music like the Beatles. Unfortunately I failed music in secondary school and I thought music was for other people until my friend in school joined a band after only playing guitar for a year. That inspired me to pick it up as well. I was writing songs as soon as I learned my first couple of chords.

How would you describe your music?

True stories and living music. A punk and indie-rock fusion with a groovy rhythm section accompanying trademark lyrical storytelling that makes you laugh and think at the same time.

How do you find inspiration for lyrics?

I try to find the truth that no one wants to say about everyday situations, shining a light on interesting aspects of mundane reality. My ideas come from becoming aware of my internal monologue or catching myself or others saying something interesting during a conversation. Sometimes it’s from snippets of overheard conversations on the tube or the bus. We are all making interesting comments and observations all the time, we just aren’t always aware of it.

Do you have any releases out there?

I have released 5 songs: The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, It Won’t Kill You, Look Back and Laugh, Adrenaline Overdose and Quiet Type. They available on all streaming and downloading platforms. I created a booklet entitled “What Else?” to accompany the songs which contains all the lyrics plus an explanation of the inspiration behind each song. It’s a great way for my fans to support me in a time when few people buy music and it’s a great memento with photos and artwork. I liked the artwork for the cover so much I put it on a t-shirt.

What are your gigs like?

My band brings danceable rhythms to my punk and indie-rock songs. The drummer and bassist have an interest in jazz and dance rhythms so they lay down a great groove underneath my distorted guitar. Most of my songs get people dancing. Expect to move your body and head-bang simultaneously. Interview

“Music – it’s the great love of my life, the lover of my life. I describe myself as the world’s only insensitive singer-songwriter. I think there are lots of beards in music but not enough balls. I’m trying to bring more balls to music; and truth. I like the truth even if it’s dirty or nasty. What inspires me? Relationships and not necessarily boy meets girl but between friends, or the love a person has with themselves; there’s love, hate, envy. Somebody like Elvis Costello I find really inspiring and he’s a cross-over between punk and new-wave and he would write songs that weren’t just straight-forward love songs. Not that music has to be deep or complicated but it has to be interesting.”