Adrenaline Overdose

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Verse 1

I stay up late ‘cause I cannot face what’s coming the next day
Watch blue screen light, I’m hypnotised, wake up with red eyes
I’m not a victim, this is self inflicted, I trade my nervous system for pay
I put my shift in as time is ticking away and I wonder, is this a fair ecxhange?


Adrenaline, my chest feels tight
Adrenaline, can’t sleep at night
Adrenaline, fuel for the fight
Adrenaline, Adrenaline

Verse 2

Rise and grind, work 9 to 5, Ha! I wish!
I’ll fall behind, if I don’t hustle on the side
I give my heart and soul, work my fingers to the bone
Hope that I make it before I crack
I’m compromising my health ‘cause I keep pushing myself
What keeps me going might give me a heartattack



Everything has a price, I know I have to change
When things are bleak I look inside
Decide to go all the way