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The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck is now available online on all your favourite online stores and streaming services including Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. Just search for ‘Cornelis Gerard’ on the service you use. You can also still listen for free on SoundCloud

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Stop Being So Hot produced by Before Sunrise Recordings

I recently met Gon Von Zola, aka Budda Cakes of Before Sunrise Recordings at an open mic night. He said he liked what I was doing and was interested in working with me. I wanted to do some more recordings and after listening to his music I thought it would be fun to experiment with his approach.

Gon Von Zola, Before Sunrise Recordings

Normally I see my music as being quite minimalistic, drums, bass, guitars and vocals. But I often wonder what my music would sound like with some more experimental production.

So here’s the result of what Gon and I came up with last week, let me know what you think of it.

If you want to find out more about Before Sunrise Recordings go here: Before Sunrise Recordings